UnitedHealthcare Enrollment Detailed Transcript

[UnitedHealthcare logo]

At UnitedHealthcare, we want to help you make the most out of your health plan so you can save time, money and be the healthiest you possible.

We know life gets complicated sometimes. But getting help should be simple.

With the UnitedHealthcare app and myuhc.com, you get the personalized information you need anytime, anywhere.

And when you want access to real people who can get you real answers, including 24/7 access to nurses, there’s just one number to call.

[Making it Easier to Find a Doctor]

There’s no better peace of mind than finding the right doctor when you need care.

At UnitedHealthcare, we have a large national network of high-quality providers to choose from.

When you use network providers, you’ll usually pay less and you’ll enjoy free preventive care for things like mammograms and annual physicals.

To make your choice easier, we’ve identified doctors who offer high quality, cost efficient care.

Just look for the UnitedHealth Premium Designation [two blue hearts] on myuhc.com or the UnitedHealthcare app.

You can also save money by comparing costs for office visits, treatments and procedures, as well as lab tests – before you make an appointment.

Talk about peace of mind!

[Making Care Convenient]

We know your world can’t always stop when you or a loved one is sick.

That’s why we offer Virtual Visits, a convenient, affordable way to see and talk with a doctor using your mobile phone, tablet or personal computer.

There’s no need to make an appointment and most visits take just 10 to 15 minutes. Best of all, Virtual Visits are available 24 hours a day seven days a week – including holidays and weekends!

[Giving You Personalized Support]

We know that everyone’s health journey is different – and some are more complex than others.

That’s why UnitedHealthcare gives you access to experienced nurses who will work with you and your doctor to design a plan just for you.

Get help for things like managing your diabetes, quitting smoking, or even preparing for your new arrival. [Mom Holding Baby]

We can’t walk in your shoes, but we can walk alongside you.

[Inspiring Healthy Habits]

We also know getting healthy and staying health takes work on your part.

AT UnitedHealthcare, we offer a program called Rally to help you get going.

Rally is a fun, interactive way to get the inspiration you need to make small health changes that can lead to big results: be it managing your weight, eating better, or starting a walking program.

Did we mention it’s fun?

You can compete with friends, track your progress and even earn Rally points for a chance at prizes.  

[Helping You Be the Healthiest You!]

Wherever you are on your health care journey, count on UnitedHealthcare to help you be the healthiest you.

When you choose UnitedHealthcare, you’ll get the benefits that let you focus on your health – not your health care.

UnitedHealthcare. Simpler. Friendlier. Better.

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