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Let’s face it.  Managing your health isn’t easy.  There are lots of decisions to make and different paths to choose.


How do you know which is right for you?


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Introducing a plan with built-in support to help you navigate the twists and turns of healthcare and chart a course that’s right for you and your family.


Here’s how it works.


Your plan centers around access to a preferred network of quality providers who work together to coordinate your care – including local providers you know and trust. 


These providers are easy to spot in our online directory – just look for the Tier 1 blue dot symbol.


When you choose Tier 1 providers, you’ll get the highest level of coverage – which helps you save money.


You’ll also be able to see providers who are part of UnitedHealthcare’s large, national network – though you will likely pay more when you do.


If you choose a provider who is not part of the UnitedHealthcare network, you’ll almost always pay more.


Your plan makes it easy to get the right care.


It starts with choosing a primary care physician, or PCP, during enrollment. 


Think of your PCP as an expert on your health.  Your PCP gets to know you and your medical history so they can guide you on the best path of care.


See your PCP regularly for preventive care, including annual physicals and routine immunizations. 


For your convenience, your PCP is listed on your health plan ID card.  Check your ID card and make sure the PCP listed is the one you want to see.  If you didn’t select a PCP or the one included on your card is not the one you’d like to see, visit or call the toll-free number on your ID card immediately following enrollment to make or change your selection. 


You’ll still be able to change your PCP later on if you need to.   


And remember: choose a Tier 1 PCP to get the most out of your medical plan.


When it comes to specialty care, finding the right provider and choosing the best treatment for your condition can seem overwhelming. 


Thankfully you can count on your PCP to help you evaluate care options and connect you with specialists, hospitals and other providers when needed, without a referral. 


With your PCP coordinating your care, you’ll avoid unnecessary or duplicate tests and services, which may help you save time and money.


And again, be sure to use Tier 1 providers to get the most out of your medical plan. 


While your plan includes built-in support to help you navigate care, you’ll want to explore other resources along the way.


Access your benefits anytime, anywhere with the UnitedHealthcare Health4Me® mobile app and®.


Get answers to your health questions – including 24/7 access to nurses – with just a click of a button on the Health4Me app.    


And don’t forget to take advantage of other helpful resources so you get the most out of your plan.


Wherever you are on your health care journey, choose the plan with a built-in roadmap to the right care.


When you choose UnitedHealthcare, you’ll get the benefits that let you focus on your health, not your health care.


UnitedHealthcare. Simpler. Friendlier. Better.