Virtual Health Visits

(bright music) - [Narrator] When you have a medical emergency, you go to the nearest emergency room. But when you need care and it's not an emergency, the answer isn't always so clear. Of course, you're worried about your health, but you're also concerned about your time and money. Well, now you can strike a balance by getting care online. With a virtual visit, you can see and talk to a doctor or mental health professional from the convenience of your mobile device or computer at the time that works for you and at a cost that's typically lower than an office visit. And, after your first virtual visit in 2019, you'll receive a $100 health savings account incentive contribution. Every virtual visit doctor in our network is a U.S. Board-Certified Medical Professional. Virtual visit doctors can diagnosis and treat a wide range of non-emergency medical conditions. You can even get a prescription, when appropriate, sent to the pharmacy of your choice. You can also use virtual visits to see and talk with a licensed psychiatrist, psychologist or masters level counselor online at your convenience and from the privacy of home. They can help you with a variety of non-emergency behavioral health concerns. There is a cost for these services, but it may be less than the cost of an office visit. To see a doctor online or schedule an online appointment with a counselor, visit or use your Health4MeĀ® app and choose one of the virtual visit provider sites. From there, you'll be connected directly to the provider group site or app.If you are requesting a visit with a doctor, you'll either be immediately connected or you'll enter a virtual waiting room. During your visit, you'll be able to see and talk to the doctor about your health concerns. If you are requesting a visit with a counselor, you'll be able to schedule an appointment within a week. Just like an in-person visit, virtual visits are covered under your health plan. Virtual visit costs count toward your annual deductible and out-of-pocket maximum, so if you haven't yet reached your deductible, you'll need to pay the full cost at the time of the virtual visit. If you have met your deductible, you'll pay a portion of the cost as co-insurance until you reach your out-of-pocket maximum. After that, it's covered 100% for the rest of the year. You can use a credit or debit card to pay including a health savings account debit card. And remember, you'll earn a $100 health savings account contribution after your first medical or behavioral health virtual visit in 2019. For emergency health problems, visit a doctor in person. For non-emergency concerns, consider seeing the doctor or licensed therapist virtually.(bright music)